Rosalie Manor - Over 100 Years of Serving the Milwaukee Community

Thank you to Potawatomi Bingo Casino for choosing Rosalie Manor as one of its 2012 Miracle on Canal Street Charities!

Rosalie Manor Community & Family Services has been serving families in the Milwaukee community since 1908.  Our mission, strengthening Milwaukee families by empowering parents to be nurturing and by guiding youth toward positive futures, is accomplished through a variety innovative community-based programming for mothers, fathers and youth.


Rosalie Manor, now in its 104th year, continues to provide much needed services to Milwaukee's teens
by educating them about the risks of pregnancy and, for young parents, by providing home visiting to
teach well-baby practices and connect them with community resources.   

On October 17, the Rosalie Manor Administrative Team moved from its current Burleigh location
to space at the Nonprofit Center on Highland in Milwaukee, 2819 West Highland Boulevard,
Milwaukee, WI 53208
. The move will increase Rosalie Manor's administrative efficiency and further
develop relationships with other community organizations. We look forward to continuing to serve
Milwaukee - literally, in its very neighborhoods.  

The Burleigh building will continue to be utilized for the acceptance of donations and distribution of
needed items for our families - specifically Rosalie Manor's Christmas donation program. Please call
ahead to make arrangements for dropping off any donations.

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